Saturday, November 22, 2008


7 Weird Things about Me:

1. This isn't really weird but, I'm sure most people don't know it ... I used to be an alter girl!
2. Because my last name was Willingham I was ALWAYS at the end of the line - my teacher would call me the last of the mohicans ... I would then go home and cry! 3. I once dissected poop ... cause I wanted to know! 4.I won't eat chicken! 5. I am afraid of knives! 6.I think 80's music is by FAR the best! 7. I truly hate purses!

10 Years ago...1. I was about to be engaged to Carter! .2. I was attending school in LaCrosse, Wis. 3. I drove a two door stick shift.4. I worked on campus at the childcare facility.5. I spent all my free time on the phone with Carter ... so in love!

5 things on my TO DO list...1. Sprinkle carpet powder.2. Decorate for Christmas 3. Watch CSI Miami 4. Finish packing car.5. Drive to Salt Lake!

5 Snacks that I like...1. Salad. 2. Chocolate - anything!3. Wheat thins 4. Dill Pickle chips 5. Fruit

5 Things I would do with 1 million dollars...1. Buy a HOUSE! 2. Buy my mom her Dream house! 3. Pay off my debt and any debt my family would have me pay off. 4. Go on a couple vacations one with the 5 of us and one just me and my man! 5. Save the rest!

5 Places I have lived...1. Kenosha, WI 2. Cedar City3. St. George:4. Madison, WI5. LaCrosse, WI

5 Jobs I have had...1. Race Track 2.Joopa Juice 3. Teacher -Desert Hills 4. DayCare 5. Human Resources Dept. for Grocery Store. I tag the first 10 people on my blogger friends list! Good luck! Thanks Jess!


Davis family said...

This was a fun tag. but I am curious-why not chicken? maybe I don't really want to know, because I do like chicken, and you might ruin it for me.:) also why the fear of knives? does that mean you buy everything prechopped? I am sure there was more, but now I can't remember. I'll come back after YW and ask more. :)