Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Has Anyone seen my camera charger????

So, my camera charger has been missing for quite some time now.... has anyone seen it???? Alas, I must resort to posting other peoples pictures of my family if you haven't noticed! I do love this tough pose of Porter though!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Coach Miller

I am SO Proud of Carter!! He is an amazing coach!! Kids LOVE to be around him and truly look up to him. You should see the silly things they write about him in class, the goofy texts, but most importantly the way they admire him. Some days it's hard to be a coach's wife and have him gone so much, but it makes it so worth while when you see the effects on the youth. Carter you are a GREAT man, and an awesome example to your boys and me. We love you!! Good Luck Friday!!! Kick some Redmen BUTT!!! :-)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wrapping up the Seasons

The boys fall sports seasons have come to a close, but basketball is only a few short weeks away!!! Porter has a lot to be proud of, his team took the championship!!! Way to go CV!!

We sure love cheering you guys on from the stands!

Both Carter and I remember how special it was to have our grandparents cheering us on from the stands!!

Cooper had his 1st very "special" year in soccer.
Boy have we got our work cut out for us!! :-)
OOPS, Hutch's pic, must've fallen off somewhere!! He was amazing as well, of course!!! He captured a lot of flags and ended the season proud of himself, and we're proud of you too, buddy!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

School Picture Time!

Here are Hutch's 1st grade and Porter's 4th grade photos!! Boy are they just growing up right before my very own eyes!!

Neighborhood Wildlife

Coop and I go for walks Every day in our neighborhood, and we ALWAYS see this beautiful stray cat that the neighborhood kids named, "Carter" (apparently they were learning the letter C that day!) Grandma Nut tried to shove him in her suitcase to bring him back to WI, but we wouldn't let her. :-)

We also see a bear!!! Cooper has named him "Tree Bear."

My Cute Hutcher

We just got back Hutch's Cute footbal pics!!! You can see him a little better in this post than the last. :-)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flag Football

OK .... it's super hard to see which one of these red shirt boys is Hutch, but trust me... he is there. He's hillarious because we had just left Porter's game to come to his.... and he "forgot" he wasn't supposed to tackle. He immediately sacked the quarterback and made him cry. Oops! :-)

North Side Pride

For the Homecoming assemebly Carter was asked to do what he does after every halftime. It is so cool how he can get those boys pumped up!

4th Grade Tackle Football

I hate to be the parent that brags..... but Porter is one TOUGH football player!!! When he is on defense he is unstoppable!!