Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

What a fun night!!! And the reason I'm not sleeping isn't because I'm so excited, although I am, it's because I ate WAAAAY too much (see pics. below) Ya' know it's always fun to be a Packer fan, but tonight was especially fun!!! It was GREAT to be surrounded by family and friends and to just laugh and have a good time! Amazing Husband, Amazing Kids, Good Food, Good Family, Good Friends, and the Lombardi trophy coming home.....What more could a Wisconsin girl ask for???

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hutch and Coops Basketball Season has come to a Close

It was another GREAT Jr. Jazz Season!!! Hutch was quite the little ball hog on the court; that kid is so focused out there, he just loves the game!!!!

Cooper began the year with the usual twirls and dance moves, but by the end of the season we were all shocked to see him score a couple of shots and actually get involved in the game!!! There is some hope for him after all, that is hope for some basketball skills!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hutcher's Baptism

Our sweet Hutcher was baptized today!!! What a GREAT day!!! We were surrounded by amazing friends and family and Hutch felt truly LOVED. And P.S. That awesome cake over there tasted even better than it looks.... if you can believe that! :-)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Disney Rides!!!!

This year for Christmas my father in law treated us to Disneyland!!! Here are a couple of our favorite rides! ;-0

Disneyland Christmas 2010

Here's just a small glimpse of our Disney Christmas..... This first picture was such a magical moment!!! It "snows" each night on main street in Disneyland!!! It was amazing!! It was such a fun Holiday!!! Carter was such a trooper, hauling Cooper on his shoulders all day long. I love that in the hustle and fun ..... we all still took the time to remember the Savior's birth and all that he did for us while he was on the earth. I'm so glad that my children know at such a young age that their brother Jesus is the Savior and through him we can be forgiven of our sins.

Disney Breakfast with the Characters!!

We had the most MAGICAL breakfast with the disney characters!!!! The food was great, but being with those characters made you feel like a kid again!!! Soooooo much fun!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Creche Festival

What's a Creche??? Well, it's just a fancy word for Nativity. Cedar City has a Creche festival where anyone can bring their most favorite nativities to set up and share for public viewing and the children do a live nativity in 10 minute intervals. This year Porter depicted Joseph and Hutch was one of the wisemen. It is really quite a neat experience for the children to feel the TRUE spirit of Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!