Saturday, February 9, 2008


Weighing in at 72.6 lbs is you 75lb weight class champion PORTER MILLER!!!! Porter pinned 3 kids to receive a first place medal!!! We were so proud and he was sure happy!! Miraculously Hutch was pinned twice and lost a third match by points and still got fourth place!!! I think it was because he sure has one angry face!!! :-) We love you Hutch!!

Is he leaving the Atmosphere???

After several LONG weeks of different test Carter has officially been diagnosed with sleep apnea!!! Yeah!!! He gets to sleep with this every night and don't worry we hardly give him a hard time.

Seriously though if your hubby snores so loud that shingles come off the roof - you might want to have this checked out ..... it's amazing how quiet nights are now at our house and how awake and fun he is during the day!!