Saturday, February 9, 2008


Weighing in at 72.6 lbs is you 75lb weight class champion PORTER MILLER!!!! Porter pinned 3 kids to receive a first place medal!!! We were so proud and he was sure happy!! Miraculously Hutch was pinned twice and lost a third match by points and still got fourth place!!! I think it was because he sure has one angry face!!! :-) We love you Hutch!!


LACY said...

Way to go Porter and Hutch! They are awesome!

Jason & Aleisha Black family said...

What a cute family. Thank you for that sweet comment you made on my blog. That made my day. I had a great time and really enjoyed your company also. I hope we get to do it lots more.

Sparks in the Desert said...


You must be so proud of Porter and Hutch! Way to go boys!