Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Day 2010

What a great Thanksgiving!!!! These pictures certainly don't give it justice!! This was just our idea of fun, and the kids LOVED being the photographers. This Thanksgiving we laughed hard, played hard, shopped hard, and ate even more than all of that combined. My favorite part of the entire weekend was watching the children play together!! They got along SO well together, it reminded me of my childhood and how I always looked forward to being with my cousins. I know they are creating great memories and making forever friends!! I love my family SOOO much and regardless of whether or not I was able to sit with them at the dinner table, I know I am truly blessed by my family and friends!

I'm Grateful for ..... SLEDDING!!!!

On Thanksgiving Day We took some of the kiddos sledding and had sooooooo much fun!!!! Some of them had NEVER been sledding before, so this was quite an experience for them!!! I will admit.... I stole the sled and went down a couple times myself!! :-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hutch went Through the Hutch!!!

It's REALLY hard to get angry with this cute face.... HOWEVER..... just the other day he and Cooper decided to make an obstacle course in the living room, and though I know it wasn't planned, the finish line was the inside of my hutch!!!! Hutch went right through it, butt first!!!! He made it out alright, without even a scratch.... that kid is lucky!!!

Super Bowl CHAMPS, Baby!!!!!

Porter's 5th Grade Football team won their Super Bowl!!!! They played hard and had a GREAT time!!! Thanks Papa, Stac, and Tessa for cheering him on .... you Rock!!!!! :-) The last picture is one of Porter's BIG HITS!!!! We LOVE that!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just the boys.....

Family Picture Time!