Sunday, April 27, 2008

Porter's Baptism

Porter was "Bathtized" (that what he calls it) the day after his birthday!! Thanks to all who came and supported!! He was so nervous but it was an awesome experience and he has NOT stopped reading the bible and Book of Mormon since!!! Let's hope that lasts!

Porter' Birthday!

Porter took his great friends to Sand Hollow - it was a blast!!! And Bonus I didn't have to clean up my house after the party!!! My GREAT friend Stephanie came with to help and we were constantly counting to make sure they were all safe .... SO by the end we were beat!!! But so were the boys Mine slept great that night!

We love Nelyana!

Nelyana comes to our house a few afternoons a week and it is a HIGHLIGHT for my boys. They LOVE to entertain her and dress her up. This time they put a goofy hat on her in hopes that her cuteness would convince Papa to take them to Disneyland again . . . . there still working on him!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008


So, Carter got a Teaching Job at Canyon View High School and will be teaching Special Ed. and Coaching Football (Def. Coord.) So, happy for him ... oh yeah us too. It will be nice to be in a small town again, I was raised in a farming community so this won't be far from the likes of that. Anyway Dana, Sara, any realtor friend out there it would be nice to get our home sold so we don't have to rent in Cedar. So any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks guys. And know that I sure will miss all of you here in St. George.