Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wrapping up the Seasons

The boys fall sports seasons have come to a close, but basketball is only a few short weeks away!!! Porter has a lot to be proud of, his team took the championship!!! Way to go CV!!

We sure love cheering you guys on from the stands!

Both Carter and I remember how special it was to have our grandparents cheering us on from the stands!!

Cooper had his 1st very "special" year in soccer.
Boy have we got our work cut out for us!! :-)
OOPS, Hutch's pic, must've fallen off somewhere!! He was amazing as well, of course!!! He captured a lot of flags and ended the season proud of himself, and we're proud of you too, buddy!!


LACY said...

Way to go Porter! That is so awesome.
Cute pics Tammi!

TAMPA said...

Seriously... it kills me how big Goobs is getting !! He is just perty !! :)