Monday, October 19, 2009

Coach Miller

I am SO Proud of Carter!! He is an amazing coach!! Kids LOVE to be around him and truly look up to him. You should see the silly things they write about him in class, the goofy texts, but most importantly the way they admire him. Some days it's hard to be a coach's wife and have him gone so much, but it makes it so worth while when you see the effects on the youth. Carter you are a GREAT man, and an awesome example to your boys and me. We love you!! Good Luck Friday!!! Kick some Redmen BUTT!!! :-)


Kory and Steve said...

It's always amazing to see great results from hard work!! Any leadership over youth is tough but so rewarding!
Good luck Friday... we will be there cheering on the Falcons!

MillerTime said...

Carter is a stud!(-: Of course the kids may love him, but he can't win a game! Thank You Tammi for the nice post! You are by far the best coaches wife in the world! You are not to bad at a few other things too, if you know what a mean!
Carter Lynn Miller

TAMPA said...

I have always admired the way my brother is with kids... He loves to lift up those that need lifting.. and make the weak ones stronger !! Doesn't surprise me how much the boys love him there !! I am glad for ya bubba !!

Rick Miller said...

Sorry to say Carter, but football will come and go. It is your relationship with your players that will last and will make you the happiest.