Saturday, November 29, 2008

Snuggling, Shopping, and Manicures ... Oh MY!!

Adrian has her 1st boyfriend ... Dodger! Aren't they cute??
Nells played games with the kids while we all recovered from the Feast - thanks Nells!

Hannah, Julie, and I braved the stores at 4 AM ... incognito. :-)

Yes Carter was one of the recipients of a manicure!!!! He got a lot of strange looks this week!



CARTER... are you serious?? Never again give me crap about Brayden and I going to Disney On Ice!! Maybe you need to come spend some time with Brayden and Jack and toughen up a little bit!!! Sorry we couldn't see you guys when you were up our way... glad to see you had a good Thanksgiving!!

tambomiller said...

Ha.. Love the manicure! Glad you guys had a good Turkey Day !!