Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Lights!

So our Great friends the Allen's have this AMAZING light show at their house .... people are already lined up outside to watch it and the lights flicker to the music on the radio. Well, Carter and I felt there was one thing missing - A LIGHT UP PACKER PLAYER! It's a neccessity, don't you think?? So, we snuck up to there house and added it to their display ... judging by Mike's reaction I think they LOVED it and will keep it up all year long. (He is a Chargers Fan) :-)


AKISSFN said...

The thought of Carter running off my porch after "ding dong ditch em" is going to be hilarous to watch considering I have video cameras on the front of my house. Might have to forward that to you for a follow up post

Thanks for the addition to my display, now I have to find a defense to sack him...

You guys are great, yes I will keep him in the display. (Might have to change his colors though)

Hope you liked the display,

Happy Holidays,


Davis family said...

that is super funny. please oh please show us the video! I would love it if you did!!