Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hutch's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

So, I was COMPLETELY shocked when Hutch woke up happy and ready to go at 7:30 this morning!! He is so excited for school!! He will be a great Kindergartener!!
Cooper will miss him. :(
Porter will look after him.

And his new friends will love him.


Davis family said...

This made me teary eyed. What a sweet post. Hutch is so cute. I hope he had a great day. What are you doing with yourself and only one at home for a time?

Davis family said...

tending kids can make things easier. At least Cooper won't be bored. I remember when I first met you, we were at a dinner at the Lakey's and you were holding Hutch. I asked you about him and said I was the nursery leader. You said something about good luck. I love Hutch. he is such a sweet boy. I am glad I could be his first nursery teacher.
Surgery is for Gage's eye. He has had 3 prior surgeries to correct the eyes crossing. and now one has been over corrected, so we are getting it fixed. Thanks for asking.

Brinaghs said...

it's me chris b! i'm so happy to hear that your first day went good:) tam are you ok :(
miss you guys

Jessica said...

Hutch is so adorable! Everyone will love him...he has the winning Miller personality!

The Stoney Fam said...

Soo cute!! I can't believe how they are growing up! I love the picture of porter and hutch walking to school! Maybe some day the boys could go to school without the "paparazzi" following them or should we call you the "mamarazzi?" (haha i'm funny)! Emma has a splinter we'll be taking out later if you could come and capture the moment, it'd be great! You are awesome!!! love you!!!!!!!!1

tambomiller said...

So proud of Hutcher..he is getting so big.. and I miss him.. tell him I love him

Brinaghs said...

He is so darn cute. I cant believe how big cooper is getting!!