Saturday, August 30, 2008

Go Falcons!

After a 15 game losing streak the Falcons pulled out a win!!! Yeah!!!
Anyone that's ever sat by me at a game knows this is my favorite part! See that's Carter out in the middle of the field running ... yes running back to the sidelines. :-)

Hutcher LOVED the Falcon ... Cooper didNOT
Thanks Chris, Lauren, and Nelyana for coming to support!!! We love you guys!!


LACY said...

Yeah Falcons!!!! So happy for you guys.

Dana said...

That is so great. Looks like Carter is having a blast as usual! Miss ya!

MaryCuth said...

I'll try and congratulate you on the win again! Congratulations!

MaryCuth said...

For some reason my first one went missing after I posted it! It just had a congrats and said something about having a happy weekend - no biggie! Thanks for adding me, I added you guys too! Have a great week!

Sparks in the Desert said...

WTG Falcons! Your family picture on your blog is so darn cute!