Friday, August 29, 2008


Here are the rules...... Take pictures as is and no cheating!! #1 Refrigerator

#2 Laundry Room #3 Favorite Room
These just happen to be the same room for me. Meet Laverne and Shirley. :-)
#4 Kitchen Sink ... Not too bad!
#5 Self Portrait Eeeeeewwwww

#6 Dream Vacation Always Wisconsin!!!
#7 Favorite Part of house I guess here on the coach where we hang out with friends and family!

#8 Favorite Shoes They are getting worn. :-( So comfy and I can wear them to dress up or casual.

#9 Master Closet. It's so hard to downsize!!
#10 Master Bath

I'm tagging Lacy, Dana, Sarah, Kris and anyone else that wants to play!! By the way thanks Jess!! :-)


LACY said...

Just saw that, i'll try to get on that

Jessica said...

Thanks for playing! And yes, your self portrait was HOTTTT! Congrats on the win! Go Falcons! I can just hear you cheer for Carter on the field specially since he was running!! Nice!

Sparks in the Desert said...

Great! Now I'm two tags behind! I'll have to get on that...and soon, before this kid comes!