Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gettin' a little Churchy :-)

Alright so I just got back from one of the best Sundays at church in quite some time. The talks, lesson, music, everything ... just amazing. I just wanted to share the lyrics to one hymm we learned in relief society .... it just reminds us to have faith, we are NEVER alone, HE is always listening to our sincere words of prayer.

Here I am again, down on my knees
And with every pleading word,
Thy comfort I seek
Tho' the words are slow to come,
My thoughts are racing by,
Peace fill the room,
Thy spirit is nigh;
(Chorus)He hears me when I'm crying in the night
He hears me when my soul longs to fight
Till the morning will come
and the light of the dawn reassures,
He hears me.
Any hour, wherever I may be,
In the silence of an empty room,
or in a crowded street.
Whether offering thanks or in urgency I pray,
I never go unnoticed,
I'm never led astray;
Any whisper of the soul, No matter how old,
Father hears the call

So, regardless of your religion or your struggle ... the Lord will always be there.


Kris said...

Amen Sistah! What a good reminder!! :)

Hadley's said...

That is such a BEAUTIFUL song!! Thank you for the post. I miss you tons. I am glad you are settling in up there!!

Linds said...

Thanks...just what I needed today! PS I love the pic on your blog header! So fun!