Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Two Biggest Boys are Back to School!!

Today marks the first day of school for kids and teachers here in Cedar City!! Our day began with getting Carter out the door with a BIG smile ... he loves his job and isn't looking back!!

Next we had to wake Porter which proved to be difficult ... Porter hasn't seen the daylight before 10 AM in months!! :-)

Next of course was the annual 1st day of school pics!

Then finally Porter's 1st Bus ride to school. Coop and I sent him off and as the bus pulled away Cooper buried his head in my shoulder and said, "I miss Porter." Me too, buddy!!


LACY said...

So cute!!

Davis family said...

Porter must be a great big brother. glad the first day went well.

Anonymous said...

Porter looks so cute :) and so old!

Sparks in the Desert said...

The first day of school is always so exciting! My kid's usually don't get up before 10am as well...that's why we did afternoon kindergarten!