Saturday, October 30, 2010

School Pics

So, here's some cute little mug shots!!!:-)

Porter made it to the SUPER BOWL!!!

Porter's team, the Canyon View Falcons, played their playoff game today and won 6 - 0 to make it to the Super Bowl!!! Wahoo!!! Can't wait!!

Happy Halloween!!!

We hope you all have a very, scary Halloween!!! Love, Porter ie. army guy, Hutch ie. ninja, and Cooper ie. Wolverine.

I had to post this pic. of the "Bunco girls!" Check out the "Eye ball" That's her pregnant belly, painted!!! Hilarious!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shout out to Hutch

Hutch will be getting baptized in Dec., and I wanted to get some outdoor pics. taken before the weather in Cedar took a turn for the worse so, here's a little preview of Hutch's Baptism pics. LOVE THEM!!!! If your in Cedar City and need an awesome photographer check out She Rocks!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Kiss

For Years I have given Carter a kiss before the start of each of his games. It's gone by unnoticed by most for about a decade now, however 2 weeks ago a parent noticed (he's a great friend of ours) and he was ready this week.... so he snapped a picture of us! That's when I learned that according to this picture I lift my leg like a silly little girl when I kiss my husband!!! :-) Oh well!!! I love the guy and I guess I'm still twitterpated by him.

Are you ready for some Football?!?!

Porter is in the middle of his 5th grade tackle football season and he's having a great year!!! This is the one and only daytime game and he was filling in for the center who was sick. He liked it, but I couldn't get great pictures, bummer!

We love going to his games because he's always smiling and having a good time. He LOVES to hit and is proud of his teammates when they make a big play too. Hopefully they make it to the playoffs and we can get some more daytime footage! :-)

Flag Football

Here is our little Hutcher with his Favorite fan Tessa!! She comes to most of his games to cheer him on!!! Love you Tessa!

Hutch has had a FANTASTIC season! He's not afraid to take a hit and he's gotten quite a few flags. :-) He LOVES football!! And that makes his daddy VERY happy. Last game Hutch got this kids flag and the kid punched him right in the head. Hutch just stood up and asked him, "Why did you punch me in the head?" I swear he feels absolutely NO PAIN!! He's so fun to watch and is always making us laugh.