Sunday, October 3, 2010

Flag Football

Here is our little Hutcher with his Favorite fan Tessa!! She comes to most of his games to cheer him on!!! Love you Tessa!

Hutch has had a FANTASTIC season! He's not afraid to take a hit and he's gotten quite a few flags. :-) He LOVES football!! And that makes his daddy VERY happy. Last game Hutch got this kids flag and the kid punched him right in the head. Hutch just stood up and asked him, "Why did you punch me in the head?" I swear he feels absolutely NO PAIN!! He's so fun to watch and is always making us laugh.


Bailey Family said...

Oh my gosh!! I love love love that picture =)They are so good to her she loves each of them

Rick Miller said...
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Rick Miller said...

Hutch, I love to watch you play. You are as tuff as nails.