Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life has been a Dream.....

Our Porter turned 10 over the weekend.... I can't believe how time flies! It seems like not too long ago he was this sweet little baby that I could just pick up and snuggle when ever I wanted to.... Oh, how I do miss those days. But, he has turned out to be the best boy!! It's my blog, so, I can brag so here goes: He is the Sweetest, Kindest, most compassionate boy I have EVER been around, and I think he's quite a little athlete too!! I secretly call him a gentle giant, because he's one of the biggest, toughest kids in his grade, but he's as compassionate and caring as anyone I've EVER met. I love that kid I am grateful for his example in my life....he's just GOOD! He makes mistakes like all kids do, but I know in his heart his intentions are good. Happy Birthday, Porter!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Uncle Shawn!!!

What a GREAT visit we had from Uncle Shawn!!! It began with a SURPRISE!..... the boys didn't even know he was coming, so they woke up in the morning to him making them breakfast, so fun!!

Each boy took a day off of their busy schedules and spent the day with him bowling, movie, park, kites, board games, whatever!!!! It was SO nice and the boys felt so special, they are so lucky they have a great uncle like him!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cruisin' Cousins!

We were in St. George a few weeks ago and the kids had soooo much fun playing together on these little cars!! I love how well they all get along! I can imagine that one day they'll all be cruisin' the 'vard together on Spring Break!!!

State Champs

The Canyon View Jr. Wrestling Team won State this year!!! Porter took3rd and Hutch took 2nd; there were sooooo many kids there!!! Hutch's signature move was called the flying choke and Cooper's was called smile and be cute!!! What a great season!

Spring Pictures

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Just wanted to share some pictures of the fun we have been having the last couple days!! Hope Everyone has a wonderful Easter!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Hunt!!!

Here in Cedar City a local Fraternity puts on an AWESOME Easter Egg hunt for the kids.... and they all made out BIG time!!! Here they are now, going through their winnings!!!

This is Cooper and his cute BFF McKinlee.... they've already informed both parents that they are getting married. WOW!!!! If only it were that easy!!!

Wrestling 2010

All 3 boys wrestled at a tournament last Sat. and this is Hutch showing off his 2nd Place Medal..... also wearing his singlet like "Big Show" if any of you know who that is!! Hutch is a GREAT wrestler... he's tough, knows his moves, and likes to make kids cry.... he's like his dad, I guess.

Porter got 1st Place in the tournament!!! He's also very tough, but very sensitive, when he made a kid cry, he kept worrying and asking if he was ok. I love that side of Porter!!

And sweet little Cooper, he received a 4th place medal in his division, which in all honestly, was last place. I love my Cooper, but he's a Lover, not a fighter. :-)

We also had cute little Tessa at the matches cheering for the boys..... and she gets 1st prize in my books!!

Papa's Birthday!

We recently Celebrated my Father in law's (Rick) birthday! He's got such a great sense of humor he didn't mind me having my amazingly talented friend, Hanna, make this cake!! I just had to share!

Happy Birthday, Rick!!! You remind me of my grandpa.. Your the boys biggest fans, always at their sporting events and always cheering them on!! Thanks!!!