Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wrestling 2010

All 3 boys wrestled at a tournament last Sat. and this is Hutch showing off his 2nd Place Medal..... also wearing his singlet like "Big Show" if any of you know who that is!! Hutch is a GREAT wrestler... he's tough, knows his moves, and likes to make kids cry.... he's like his dad, I guess.

Porter got 1st Place in the tournament!!! He's also very tough, but very sensitive, when he made a kid cry, he kept worrying and asking if he was ok. I love that side of Porter!!

And sweet little Cooper, he received a 4th place medal in his division, which in all honestly, was last place. I love my Cooper, but he's a Lover, not a fighter. :-)

We also had cute little Tessa at the matches cheering for the boys..... and she gets 1st prize in my books!!


Bailey Family said...

Very cute =) They did awesome wrestling. I still think you should get buzzers so we know when they compete hehe It was fun and it wasnt that cold lol =) Love ya guys see you tomorrow

The Stoney Fam said...

Love these pictures! What's up with the kid that came in 2nd? He doesn't look like he understands how to practice good sportsmanship!

The Stoney Fam said...

Maybe he was just pretending to be bitter? Good acting!