Friday, February 26, 2010

Wrestling Season!!!

Porter had no problem jumping right back into wrestling... He loves it, but he's sore today! (I'm guessing this kid might be too!)

I think we may have found a sport that Cooper won't skip in!!! Wahoo!! At first he was doing his usual somersaults, but once the "wrestling" part began, I was shocked!!! He locked right on and didn't give up!

And Hutcher, well he's got the eye of the tiger, baby!!! He sees his poor little opponent and goes for him! Poor kid left crying. :( Hopefully learns to save that energy for competition and can be a little kinder to his teammates!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blue and Gold Banquet

Porter had his blue and gold banquet last night for scouts, and it was AMAZING!!! Seriously! Check out the outstanding decorations and awesome cake!!! What a FUN night! Porter earned his Bear, which is quite an achievement!!! There were skits, games, music, food galore, and did I mention fun, fun, fun!!! Thanks to all who put so much effort into a great night!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm Baaaack!! Let's talk about Porter 1st!

Since Wrestling season begins for the 3 boys in 2 days, I thought I should pop back on here and post about basketball season. Porter has one game left and has had a GREAT year!! He LOVES to steal the ball and isn't afraid to get pushed around a bit. It was SO exciting to watch him play!!! He still has such a good heart... if he knocked someone over he'd stop playing to help him up. :-) I loved that.... Carter... not so much.

Hutch has got mad Bball skills!!

For the last couple months Hutch has been spending his Saturdays at basketball camp. At first it was hard for him not to tackle, but he worked it out!! He's a great little dribbler and shooter and isn't afraid of anything or anyone!!!

Shootin' hoops with Coop.... kinda

This picture captures Cooper's basketball experience best. Let's just say he didn't play up to his fullest potential this year. :-) I am his biggest fan, but it's hard to cheer for him when he's off skipping somewhere away from the action. Or perhaps running up to me in the stands to let me know he loves me. ;) Sweet..... but, not the best timing.

Cooper sure had fun, and he looked great out there!!! Don't ya' just love those curls?!?!