Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm Baaaack!! Let's talk about Porter 1st!

Since Wrestling season begins for the 3 boys in 2 days, I thought I should pop back on here and post about basketball season. Porter has one game left and has had a GREAT year!! He LOVES to steal the ball and isn't afraid to get pushed around a bit. It was SO exciting to watch him play!!! He still has such a good heart... if he knocked someone over he'd stop playing to help him up. :-) I loved that.... Carter... not so much.


TAMPA said...

Dodo.. soft heart.. love him. I like the last picture too... Fierce !! I sucked at coming to their games this year :(

Kris said...

Awesome! Looks like he's still his Porter self!

LACY said...

Alright! The boys look so great playing ball!