Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten Program marks the end of one GREAT school year!!! We went into the school year thinking that our little Hutcher was a "special learner" and may need to go to extended Kindergarten, but Mrs. Redd saw potential in Hutch!!! Hutch sure did suprise us all!!! He loves school!! He was always excited to do his homework, and couldn't wait to get out his new daily book to read!! Hutch worked so hard this year and made us proud!! Good Job, Buddy!! Here are a couple of short clips!


TAMPA said...

Great singing Hutcher !! Sorry I missed it. You always make me smile :) Love you buddy !!

Rick Miller said...

Hutch, I am proud of you. Love Grandpa

LACY said...

Way to go Hutch!

Also, congrats Carter on being the Falcons Finest!!!