Monday, May 4, 2009

Can You Guess?

Can you guess which one of my boys thought it would be a GREAT idea to write his name on the siding?? :-)


TAMPA said...

LOL... What is with Hutcher and tagging ??!!! Good little gang banger :)

LACY said...

Way to go Hutch!

Love that Porter is getting ripped!

Kris said...

Um, Porter, right? No wait, Coop, yes definately Coop.

I LOVE Hutcher and just so you know, he and Scott really shouldn't play together.


MaryCuth said...

That boy is smart!! He already has definition of an uppercase H followed by all lowercase letters - truly impressive! You guys do live on the other side of town so I'm sure he was just fitting in with his homies!

Sorry I missed your visit the other day! That was so sweet of you, I'm bummed I wasn't home! My mom and I were packing up as much as we could at school! I still have a little left - elementary teachers have so much crap!