Friday, February 6, 2009

Picture Tag

I have been tagged twice once by Michelle 6th picture of my 6th picture folder and Once by Melinda 8th picture of my 8th picture folder, well since I've already in the past done my 6th picture I will just do my 8th picture. I tag anyone who wants to do it. Just get your 8th picture of your 8th picture folder and tell about it.

Ta Daaaa!! This picture was taken a couple of Halloweens ago. Obviously Carter is posing as some sort of super hero!! Wow!! Love ya' babe!!


Cotton Mill Cabinetry & Furniture, Inc. said...

He's amazing!


tambomiller said...

Is he Superbat? Or Superbelly? Or Super Elvis Hair? I am confused :)

Rick Miller said...

My son has always been a super hero of some kind. Needs to get a better costume though