Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 Things About Carter Lynn Miller (Tagged by Chuck and Little Ricky)

5 Things I was Doing 5 Years Ago:

1. Enjoying Hutch before he could move!  Those were the days!
2. Living in my Dream Home, Grandpa's House!   
3. Teaching at Dixie Middle School, Where I should Have Stayed!
4. Coaching the best Football Game I have ever seen.  Dixie vs. Pine View in the semi-finals at Hansen Stadium.  Good call on the Hook and Ladder!
5. As Jake would say, "Fatting Out!" 

5 Things on My List to Do Today:
1.  Eat a lot!  Then Poop a lot!
2.  Tease people and sarcastically tear them down!  It just feels right!
3.  Lay Around and Watch TV!
4.  No No Time!  That's what I am talking about!
5.  Go to Sleep and Start Process Over

5 Things I would do with a Million Dollars:
1.  Buy a Mini Mart and call it, "It's Always Miller Time!" 
2.  Buy two Double Wide Trailers, knock out one wall on each and put them together to make a 4x4!  Then I would park it in Sally's back yard and live in Wisconsin forever!  Can I get a Hell Yeah?!  
3.  Retire, See How Big I Can Get and Still Fit in Jeans, Sleep a lot, Watch TV, and Spend as Much Time as I can with my Lady and my Little Homies!
4.  Buy a Semi Truck and Trailer, have a picture of Tammi and the Boys painted on the side of the trailer and fill the trailer with Energy Drinks, Hostess Pies, Soda, and Doritos.  This would be our family vehicle.  Beat that as a Mormon Assault Vehicle!
5.  Buy the Biggest TV and Sectional Couch I can find and have a permanent sleep over party with Tammi and the Boys.  I would also put the rest of my money under the Couch Cushions, because who is going to steal it when I am always on it?! 

5 Places I Have Lived:
1.  The Pre-Existence
2.  The Mean Streets of Via Verde, Cali  
3.  The Bubble of St. George
4.  God's Country=Wisconsin (I love Wisconsin!)
5.  The Celestrial Kingdom which is Cedar City

5 Jobs I Have Held:
1.  Rock Pile Mover
2.  Dish Washer 
3.  Pizza Delivery (This job was the Bomb!  I mean come on I got paid to put on 50 Pounds!)
4.  Teacher and Coach
5.  Best Job on Earth=Dad and Husband

5 Things I Want to Be Doing in 5 Years:
1.  Loving Every Minute of Watching the Boys Grow Up
2.  Growing Older with the Love of My Life, yes I mean you Timmer!
3.  Still Molding Young Minds By Making Fun of Them
4.  Coaching Freshmen Football with Stokes at Canyon View High School
5.  Helping People with Addictions Overcome Them


Davis family said...

This is hilarious. I know its probably all serious Carter, but it was great.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the laugh Carter! What is this about Stokes coaching freshman football at Canyon View??? It just can't be true!

Abelhouzen Family said...


LACY said...

I love that Porter ran away to your van!

Rick Miller said...

Good job my little hawky! Love you

Cotton Mill Cabinetry & Furniture, Inc. said...

Carter, Carter, Carter...I can't say John's response to coaching Freshman Ball at CV. I'm sure you can embellish it all on your own. Something about Cedar and Freshmen and his achin' back... LOL! Not including you of course! :)