Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pine Wood Derby

So, in their spare time, Carter and Porter put together a pine wood derby car. Last night was the event!!! (I was unable to make it ... still home with sick Hutcher) Porter took 2nd place in the race and was awarded the most imaginative car!!! Great job, guys!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Husband Tag
1.Where did you meet your husband? In Kenosha, WI ... he taught me on his mission.
2. How long did you date? About 5 months - we were only physically in the same state for about 2 weeks before we were married
3. How long have you been married?10 years!!
4.What does he do that surprises you?Writes me poems or random sweet little notes.
5. What is your favorite feature of his? His smile, twinkly eyes, and great sense of humor! 6.What is his best quality? Carter is strong - he can do anything he puts his mind to and overcome any obstacle to achieve what his is today!
7.Does he have a nickname for you? Timmer
8.What is his favorite food?Hard to narrow it down, but I'd say Mexican.
9.What is his favorite sport?Football and Basketball
10. When & Where was your first kiss? First date - Yeah I'm easy!! :-)
11.What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? we love just hangin' out together.
12.Do you have children?3 boys Porter, Hutch, and Cooper
13. Does he have hidden talents?The man has skills!! He can still play ball!!
14.How old is he? 31
15.Who said I love you first?Carter
16.His favorite kind of music?Country
17.What do you admire about him? He is a great father, husband and provider. He tries to include the boys in everything he does. He works hard and supports me staying home with the boys, he's a great provider and amazing friend.
18.What is his favorite color?Green and Gold baby!!
19.Will he read this?Yes, he checks the blog every morning before work!
20.Who do you tag? everyone who reads my blog!

So, last night around 1:30 AM I was in the middle of a pretty intense spy dream when my night took a turn for the worse. Hutch decided to get up and go potty, except he mistaked me for the toilet!!! That's right, the kid peed on me!! He got up walked right to the foot of the bed where my feet were hanging out of blankets and let er' rip!!!! You can just imagine my suprise!! After changing the bedding, cleaning my feet, and getting him cleaned up we realized the poor thing had a 102 fever - he was delirious and had no recollection of this in the morning, I tell ya' I remembered!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daniel came to town!!!

My boys absolutely ADORE their cousin Daniel!!! When he is here he is just malled, loved, and worshipped!!! This visit was no different!! He spent a few nights with us. They days were mostly switching between the DS, Wii, and playstation.

However one day it reached a balmy 49!!! We RAN to the park that day!! They didn't want to leave!!!

Buh Bye Blankie! :-(

I know I've posted before about Cooper's special blankie, but here's the news .... all that is left is one strip that he snuggles with by night and ties around his head by day. This was the last blanket my grandma will ever be able to make because her hands have gotten too shaky. At least it got some good use out of it!

Busy Boy!!

So, I have been slow at updating the blog lately ..... it's Porter's fault!!! He has basketball twice a week, wrestling twice a week, scouts, and on and on and on!!!! He sure loves to be busy though and is turning into quite an athlete. In this picture Carter even got to coach him for the first time!!

A new Addition!!

We have a new addition to the Miller Family!!! Tessa Nicole Bailey!!! The boys could not keep their hands off of her. She will be loved unconditionally whether she likes it or not!!! :-)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wii love the wii!!!

Santa brought us a wii for Christmas and it has been SOOO much fun!!! Here's our Sun. family fun competition!!! --- Carter needed to shower after it was all said and done, because he was sweating so much!! Gross!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

10 YEARS!!

Today is mine and Carter's 10 year Anniversary!!! Anyone that knows Carter knows that he is the most loyal, loving, Kindhearted man you could ever meet. So as to not get too mushy I will just say that I am so greatful that he chose me as his wife, I am greatful for the last 10 years, and am thrilled to be spending forever with him. I love you, Carter!