Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cooper's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Today was Cooper VERY first day of Kindergarten and he LOVED it!!!! He came home singing songs and couldn't wait to go back!! He's my baby, but I wasn't sad to see him go, I was so happy, because he was and because this year the 4 of us will all be at the same school!!! Super fun!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The New School Year has begun!!!

Porter and Hutch started 5th and 3rd grade!!! This will be the one and only year all 3 boys get to go to the same school; Cooper is anxiously awaiting his chance to go to Kindergarten!! They both seem to LOVE their new teachers and look forward to a great year!! I get to work at their school as a special ed. aid, so I will keep a watchful eye out for any great stories to post!!!

Summer Wrap Up.....

This was one of my favorite fishing/swimming trips to Lake Navaho!!! We went with our GREAT friends the Hamptons... the kids just had a blast... and the fish were happy too, because we didn't catch a single one of those! :-)

In a shocking turn of events a great deal of our summer was enjoyed in the great outdoors!!! Carter took up fishing.... therefore we all took up fishing!!! :-) The boys LOVED every minute of it!!! And Porter caught the biggest one of the summer! We also ventured away from the lakes and did some hiking.