Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Porter had his 2nd Pinewood Derby and he ended up placing 5th out of about 20 cars. The whole night was way fun, all the kids just sat in front of the track and snacked on popcorn as those little homemade cars raced by! The top picture is of Hutch and our little friend Grady. And below is a picture of Porter and a few of his scouting buddies.


Kris said...

So fun! Did Porter tell you I saw him @ Walmart in StG last weekend? I gave him this huge hug and probably scared him to death!

Kris said...
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LACY said...

Still can't believe that Porter is old enough for scouts! What a stud...way to go Porter.
Fun seeing your brother! I bet it was so nice for you to have him out.
Carter must be so proud of the boys (wrestling), awesome!