Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Baby is 5!!!!

I cannot believe how much our baby has grown!!! He has sure been one exciting, fun kid!!! Here are a few of my favorite things about Cooper:

1. I love his missing tooth smile!!
2. I love that he talks about himself in 3rd person. "Cooper wants some applejuice, please." :-)
3. I love to snuggle with him!!
4. I love his honesty! "Mom! Brush you teeth, you have BAD Breath!!"
5. I love to see him play with his friends, he's such a fun kid!
6. I love him with or without his curly hair!
Happy Birthday, Buddy!!! We love you!!!!


Kris said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Cooper! We love you!

The Stoney Fam said...

I can't believe he's going to Kindergarten in the fall! Don't you just wish you could be there to watch him in class? He's is too funny! I was remembering Thanksgiving when he came up to you in the kitchen with marker all over his body and said, "Mom, Cooper made a bad choice!". Sooo hilarious!