Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon/Birthday Bash!!!!

My Birthday Landed on the Opening
Eve of New Moon!! It was the Best Day Ever!!!! Here I am with some friends in front of "Jacob's House." :-)

Look at all of us with our cute matchy shirts.... They say "Bite her it's her birthday" Except of couse mine, which says, "Bite me It's my Birthday." Don't I have the Best friends in the world!?!?!

Here we are anxiously waiting for hours in the theatre for our midnight premiere!!!!

We are standing in front of the Volturri castle..... not bad for Cedar City!!!

Check out these Cougars!!

Brrrrr....... it was freezing waiting outside in the cold, but we sure had fun!!!!!

Before the movie we stuffed ourselves silly at the Pizza Factory, YUM!!

My Dear friend, Bobi, made me an anatomically correct birthday cake...... it's soooo white so, I'm guessing it's supposed to be Edward!!! :-) Before my evening began I was spoiled by my awesome husband, family, and friends!!! Everyone deserves a day like I just had!!! It's so GREAT to know your LOVED!!


MillerTime said...

As I mentioned in the before mentioned post of the post of before mentioned mentioned before in my before mentioned post of the posts of mentioned, how much I love my wife. She is by far the most wonderful and beautiful woman on this earth. I am so glad her day went well, BUT I don't think those shirts nor the entire Twilight event could have been any gayer! I mean really, matching shirts! You know I have no shame, nor do I ever get embarassed, but I was close when I saw the matching shirts and the middle aged women acting like teenage horn dogs over a vampire and werewolf! Of course I didn't mind it when Tammi got home if you get my drift. Thank you Edward and Jacob!

Keri said...

Nasty Carter! But what a fun night we had! Let's do it again!

Davis family said...


Kris said...

Whatever Carter, you know you love it. Tammi, I'm sorry I missed your day! I'm just a little out of touch!! Sorry to be so late, I'm glad your day was so fun!!

TAMPA said...

Wow... Gross... seriously Bubba... But looks like fun Tam !! :)

LACY said...

how fun for you Tammi! Glad your day was perfect.