Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well..... it's been well over a year since our home in St. George has been on the market, but we got our first offer on Fri. and we took it!! So, if all continues to go well, we can finally move on and buy our new home in Cedar!!! Thanks for all the prayers on our behalf!!! Now for the fun.... which house do we buy!?!?


Hadley's said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I bet that is a HUGE weight off your shoulders!!! Have fun looking for a house!!

Rick Miller said...


MaryCuth said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your long awaited patience has finally paid off!!! Good things come to those who wait...the waiting just sucks!!! I don't know how you guys did it because we are dying!

The pic of your new house looks amazing and at a GREAT price!! I'm so happy for you guys!