Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blanky Washing Day!!

Cooper is my littl Linus. He loves his blanky!!! My grandma made it for him when he was born and he has dragged that thing with him everywhere ever since. So, on blanky washing day he sits and stares at it flipping around in the washer - it's better than any cartoon or book apparently!

Then finally the moment arrives and he is the first to open the washer!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stacy and Charlie's Reception

Alright so Saturday was Charlie and Stacy's Wedding reception. This crazy lady snagged my camera at some point and just started snapping pictures of herself with people in my family!!! Yikes!! :-)

It's always so much fun to see friends and family gathered together in one place in celebration! These couple pics are some of my favorite friends ... first the Klingonsmiths - isn't he the CUTEST baby ever!!

Here are my two marathon friends!!! They are the most loyal, honest, true friends one could find!! Steph, Michelle You guys rock!!

The Many Faces of Julie!

Ok so this is Julie, Carter's HILLARIOUS cousin!!! I love her so much! She and Carter have a very similiar sense of humor and she has a positive way of looking at the world. I would love to one day look at the world throught the eyes of Julie. She is a woman I admire and aspire to be more like!! Love ya Julie!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day!

Today is a special day here in Utah. Most businesses close up and the streets are closed off for parades and festivals!! Pioneer day is a day we celebrate the early pioneers traveling from Nauvoo, IL entering into the Great Salt Lake Valley. The endured many harsh conditions and many lost their loved ones along the way.

Here you can see the boys waving at the float with the missionaries!
It apppears Porter and Hutch here have their eyes focused on some cute Hula dancers!!!

Here are some Polynesian boys demonstrated the Houka.

And this is what Cooper thought of the parade!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Move , A Wedding, And Disneyland!!!

July proved to be just as eventful and we're not even done. We drove home from Wis. and packed up and moved to Cedar the next day .... not an easy task but thanks to some great dixie football/basketball players we got it done. We were greated by the Canyon View Football team ready to unload the the truck ..... it was awesome!!!
On to the wedding!!!! My Sis in law Stacy was married on Laguna beach to Charlie Bailey .... it was sweet, simple, and just what they wanted!!!
Next stop Disneyland!!! We were all invited to the Disneyland Honeymoon!!! It is truly the happiest place on earth. We all had a blast. From Toy Story to Indiana Jones to California Screamin' how could you go wrong. Bonus!!! No ER visits on this trip!!

Wrapping up Wisconsin

There were goats and tractors and reunions too!!!! But most exciting was the trip to the ER. HUTCH again!!! We were about to go to see Narnia but before the movie the boys went to use the bathroom. When Hutch was in there he slipped on something wet next to the toilet (I don't even want to know) and his face went chin first onto the toilet!!! They had to glue him back together .... sorry no pics for this event!!!
IF you didn't notice the goats seemed to take a liking to Carter!!!

Back in Wisconsin!!

So I have been without the internet for almost 2 months!!! Yikes!!! Here are a few pics. from our adventures in Wis. There was boating, and fishing, and, 4 wheeling, and karate, oh my!!! Above all of that they enjoyed being with Grandma Sally, Grandpa Keith, and Uncle Shawn the most. We miss you tons!!!