Friday, May 9, 2008

I have been tagged !!!

Favorite Animal: Shitzhu

Favorite Color: The Blue in my Boys eyes

Favorite Landmark: Wisconsin Welcomes you!!

Favorite Sports Team: Green Bay Packers!

Favorite Actor: I love ya H

Favorite Actress: Julia Roberts

Favorite Place to Shop: Actually this is the ONLY place I shop! :-(

Favorite Car: MINI COOPER

Favorite Cartoon: Word World

Favorite Place to Visit: WISCONSIN

Favorite Musician: Chris Daughtry

Favorite Restaurant: Cafe Rio

Favorite Game : Go Fish


Davis' said...

Tammi, I really love that the kids games are your favs, but really you need to get out and play some adult games too. :)
I love the mini cooper too. Some day I will drive a little car.

Sparks in the Desert said...

Way cute post! You think you know a person well until they have been tagged!

TAMPA said...

Yeah !! I am soo proud.... sorry it took so freakin long... Just want you to know that I am going to tivo that word cartoon. :>)

LACY said...

Cute post!!

Michelle said...

Tagged you back!